It’s been a while…

So…. It’s been a while since the last post, I’ve been busy with University and other projects.

Let’s start with Light Engine

Early this year there was a point in Voxel development that it was begin bloated with unused features so I decided that the project need to be detached in two repos, one with the engine and game itself. Also Infinity was dead so I removed everything from that and started from voxel’s code, removing game-specific code from the engine.

With that done I started adding features, the entire physics system was replaced with JBullet, the networking was rewritten, major changes to the UI where done and the integration with Assimp. Currently is in a transition phase where the old code is begin replaced.

There are plans for writing tools like a map editor, entity editor and so on… but the time doesn’t allow me to start working on that.

Now Voxel

So… Voxel development is halted for an undetermined time, I can only work in one project and porting Voxel to the new engine is very time consuming. I’ve done some work but the new physics system makes it a little complicated due to the infinite world.

Lux Vacuos itself

The only major change is the user account system that was replaced recently, apart from that everything is the same.

To end this, I really want to work on Light Engine and get Voxel to a decent state but the time is just too little to get everything done fast. Maybe mid-late 2018 I will start porting Voxel but meanwhile everything here will be quiet. That’s it for today post, have a nice day!