Lux Vacuos: The End of a three years project

This side-project of Voxel, Light Engine and Lux Vacuos just when downhill after mid 2017. What I can say about them is that work but got too big and I don’t have the time to single-handle this, even if someones decides to help me I still don’t have time to organize and keep everything running.

The S3 host will remain operative and so the ADUS backend. The API will be shutdown at the end of the month and with that the Voxel Launcher. The apt server will remain and might be used for other stuff, I don’t know. The Twitter handle will remain but be used for other stuff. The accounts page will be shutdown.

The Lux Vacuos page might get a rework and the name used for other stuff that isn’t game-dev related, it depends but meanwhile this blog remains. Also gonna use subdomains for other stuff.

I think that’s everything so, see you in a next project or whatever I do with this page.