Voxel Development: Making Progress and other stuff

Happy New Year to everyone!!

First, the accounts server is in an undefined maintenance so logins through the launcher are disabled, we are looking for a new account system or making a custom one.

Maintenance Screenshot

And on Voxel

  • Voxel has received a new World System with new subsystems, all written from the ground with Multi-Threading in mind. The first test were good, minor issues where detected and fixed but apart from that nothing new.
  • A bug that affects all OS X systems was detected which is in progress of begin fixed, this bug causes the Tessellator to not be rendered so the world is invisible, still there but can’t be seen. Fixed 😀
  • The new Molten API will work using scripts, mods are now be done using scripts. This will made mods easy to port from the Client to the Server, also the server can sync mods with the Client easily.

More info about this in the coming weeks.