WordPress Theme code available!

The WordPress Theme code used in this page is now available using the GNU GPL 3.0 Licence. All the code and assets are available here: WP-Theme. Please be aware that this code is used specifically with this page, we don’t recommend creating a site with the theme because has some stuff hardcoded, instead recommend to only contribute with code.

Voxel rewrite progress



The Voxel code is being rewritten by HACKhalo2, from 70% to 80% is new code. Most features are retained but some had to be modified to accommodate the new code. Here is a list of what features were changed or replaced


  • ECS Components has been reworked.


  • World.
  • Dimensions.
  • Chunks.
  • Blocks.
  • State Machine.

The reason for this is to convert Universal in the core and on top write the client and server, this serves to keep most of the shared code in one place, speeding up the development process. The actual state of the code don’t allow to play, because of that there will be no updates until reaches a playable state.

If you what to check the process or contribute please go to Github.

Welcome to Lux Vacuos!

Lux Vacuos

This is the new web page and logo, here all news or related stuff will be published.

The major change was remove of the Forum, it will be replaced soon, the accounts system was moved to other server to prevent downtime if the main server goes offline, the new page is available here: Accounts. Other change is that the AWS S3 server now uses a custom domain. Other major change is the new RESTful API that allows more easy development for 3rd party tools, is in development but will be available soon.