Voxel Gamedev – EP3

Today’s episode is a short one, there’s been major refactoring under-the-hood but is too boring for a video so I’m making this one. In this episode I add support for multiple languages and translations using .json files. Just that so, Enjoy! (there’s no music atm, maybe add in future episodes).


Voxel Gamedev – EP2

In this episode of “Voxel Gamedev”: I do the spotlight implementation and change how lights are loaded into the shaders. The spotlights are based in the Learn OpenGL, light casters article, although the lightning code is a minor modification of the PBR directional light.


Voxel Gamedev – EP1

This is the first video of Voxel Gamedev “diary” (kind of), I will be creating one video per programming session.

In this session I finish the task bar implementation, rework how maximized windows render decorations and implement title bar double-click to maximize.